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z1nonly Interview

Real-Life Auto Crosser And Multiple World Record Holder


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Why Interview Sim Racers?

When one has an addiction, he hangs out with addicts. If the road of excess truly leads to the ‘Palace of Wisdom’ as William Blake has suggested, then I shall either find wisdom or utter folly in interviewing the world’s best sim racers. Actually, I think I’d be happy with either. 

A skillful racer is a national treasure. He or she can make a car sing-and-dance on the track, and those memories will be there decades later! One of the very best drivers I have ever come across is z1nonly.  In the Time Trials on Project Cars 2 he beats you up by clearly, almost to the point of tedium, making sure that he is at least 3 tenths quicker, and all because he can! Moreover, I’m convinced he does this in a smiling, winsome way. He is a marvel! Though I generally understand how to get a fairly decent time in the TTs, after he is through with putting 3 tenths on my best lap, I am branded for life! [smile] And for the most part he does that in the car’s Default Setup. This is what excellent racers do. They make sure to become ‘brilliant in the basics.’ 

And that’s why I interview the world’s fastest sim racers. 

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