Who We Are?


Hello, I am Joe, webmaster here at Sim Racing RX, and I enjoy all the thrills and spills that sim racing offers me.  

Sim Racing RX aims to be little different in that we like to celebrate the man or woman behind the helmet. Through our thoughtful and insightful interviews, we endeavour to offer something beneficial to the online sim racing community, venturing into some new ground that hasn’t been plowed so much. We seek out the private opinions of experienced racers which we hope will be interesting to the reader.

ladies boots using sim racing pedals

Extraordinary People

Sim racers, like their real life counterparts, are extraordinary people. They spend hours refining their craft, tearing around circuits at inconceivable speeds, hoping to shave half a tenth from their PB. Sim Racing RX was born to celebrate these heroes. 

Our Aims

Each interviewee is unique and Sim Racing RX aims to:

Know Someone We Should Interview?

Please drop us a line if you’d like us to feature your interview, or a friend’s interview on Sim Racing RX. You don’t need to be a sooper fast driver, just an interesting one;)